Since global changes have taken place over the recent three years, many things have changed in logistics as well. Destinations and structure of cargo shipping is changing. Legislation is being continuously amended, customary routes are closed and new routes are opened.

This situation makes it particularly important for an entrepreneur to have a true picture of foreign economic activity.

If experienced specialists for are in charge of the organization of cargo transportation in your company, this means that you are spared from stress. If not, please contact the professionals who will give the right direction to the whole process.

DALPRODUCT supports its customers at all stages: from developing a scheme, search for a partner abroad and drafting a commercial contract up to closing the transaction and delivering the cargo.

We will help you find the optimal scheme for one-time and continuous supplies both in import and in export. We can analyze the chosen route as runs through each transport corridor and track any changes of the economic environment while sanctions are in force.

We render information support to those, who ship cargo for the first time and to those, who already use a fine-tuned scheme.

DALPRODUCT can solve any issue from “How can we do this” up to “How can this be done faster and cheaper?” Thanks to this approach, we manage to maintain reliable relations with many companies both in Russia and around the world. Most of our clients work with us on a long-term basis.

Get our consultation anyhow you want

The service of consulting on foreign economic activity is available both in our office and on the phone. An online consultation is possible on both the main and additional tasks or problems. We will solve hundreds of your cargo delivery objectives:

Collect necessary documents for you

Help you draft a contract

Give you information about acceptable prices at the customs

Come up with an optimal solution for prompt or non-standard shipping

Help you refocus on countries of Eurasian Economic Union, including Asian region

Arrange shipping to new destinations

Optimize cost of shipping, choose warehouses along the route, etc

You can get our consultation now: provide you contact into the form, and our advisor will contact you shortly

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