Customs disputes are an unpleasant phenomenon, however, it is intrinsic to cargo shipping.And with the right approach, you can solve any problem. The main thing is that the specialist engaged should have the necessary experience and know the algorithm of actions leading to the successful resolution of any dispute in his favor.

DALPRODUCT places high emphasis on legal support. An experienced lawyer has defended our customers’ interests since 2012. Smoothly navigating through legal environment, he helps our customers in any conflicts with customs authorities even in the tough situation of economic crisis.

Brilliantly oriented in the legal field, our lawyer helps our clients in any conflicts with customs authorities, even during a period of crisis tightening.

In most cases, we aim to pre-trial settlement of conflicts with customs and try to avoid disputes. We succeed to settle plenty of cases without trial.

However, when it is necessary, we professionally defend our customers’ interests during court trials:

Contend decrees on classification of goods and cargo

Defend customers’ interests in cases of violations

Prove that liability charges are unjustified

We dispute fines or achieve its maximum reduction

We solve commercial problems, such as file the complaint on customs’ action, or incorrect duty accrual

In case of a pre-trial settlement, we do everything possible to make the court accommodate our customers’ needs and succeed in it.

Do you need to defend your interest? Contact us about legal support!

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