DALPRODUCT offers complex and partial customs clearance.

Customs clearance of imported cargo

We ensure customs clearance of goods from China, CIS countries, Europe and other countries at all customs clearance offices on the territory of the Russian Federation. We can offer you customs clearance and services of a customs broker: our employee will control all the proceedings.

Interaction with customs authorities, Federal Institute of Industrial Property, representatives of trademark owners.

Electronic declaration since 2010

Participation in preliminary informing experiments since 2014

Compulsory preliminary informing since 2016

Obtaining preliminary classification decisions in customs authorities since 2008

Obtaining import authorization from trademark owners (Mercedes, JAGUAR, RANGE ROVER, LAND ROVER, GM, HUMMER, CARRIER, Logitech, Cisco)

Customs clearance of exported cargo

We organize export of goods from the Russian Federation, execute documents, help you obtain necessary licenses and certificates, offer consultations at each stage of customs clearance of a consignment. Cooperation with us will help save your time and money both when shipping a one-time consignment and with continuous export.

Correct preparation of documents

In our work, we take into consideration changes in legislation and specifics of shipping cargo in a given country. Cooperation with customs is a process, which requires not only taking into account legislation, but knowledge of internal specifics. We offer the fastest customs clearance to our customers with confidence. There are no goals, which are impossible for us.



You can perform customs clearance yourself with our support, and use the services of our customs agents. The entire package of documents can be developed in 1-2 days.

Optimize duration of storing cargo at the customs

Electronic customs declaration

Defend the cost at customs authorities

Organize customs clearance without time-consuming bureaucracy and delays

Head off risks and problems

Offer simple solutions for one-time consignments

Develop an economical customs clearance scheme for continuous supplies – both import and export

Settle conflicts and defend customer’s interests at the customs, etc.

Do you need comprehensive or partial customs clearance? Please, contact us now!

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